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Large trucks are tearing up our road. What can be done about it?
This is a problem throughout Johnson County. Texas county government is very restricted in its authority to regulate large trucks. State law takes precedence and there are several lawful exemptions that companies can use that allow the trucks to be on the roads. Short of filing a lawsuit against the companies owning or leasing the trucks, there is very little that can be done to force companies to pay for the ongoing damage, but that does not mean that nothing is done. For the most part, companies who routinely drive large trucks realize the damage that they are causing and are willing to make monetary contributions to the county precincts to assist them in repairing the roads. Also, at Precinct #3 we have constructed a Commercial Vehicle Weigh Station in our front yard that HIghway Patrol officers and Sheriffs Department Commercial Vehicle Deputies can utilize 24 hours a day to weigh trucks to make sure that they are within limits of the law. Drivers who are not in compliance receive citations and must pay fines. This has been successful in keeping many of the overweight trucks off of the roads.
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