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A Burn Ban is not in effect at this time
Effective: Nov 13, 2014
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Jury Hotline - (817) 558-1982
Justice of the Peace #3
Wednesday, Apr 08, 2015
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After the Complaint is Filed
The following is a list of steps that are taken after you have filed the check with the County Attorney's Office: 1. Case is reviewed to determine if it can be prosecuted. 2. If the County Attorney's Office cannot prosecute a check, it will be returned to you with a written explanation. 3. County Attorney's Office mails a letter to the check writer. This is the only opportunity to make restitution prior to a warrant being issued. 4. If the case is not resolved, the check writer is identified and warrant papers are prepared. You will be contacted to sign the arrest warrant affidavit. 5. Arrest warrant is signed by the Judge. 6. The check writer is arrested. 7. Check writer appears in court, pleads guilty or requests a trial. 8. The check writer is sentenced by the Judge or a trial is held. 9. The County Attorney's Office will forward restitution to you once it is obtained from the check writer.
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