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How to Process a Worthless Check Complaint
1. Present the check to the named bank or deposit the check into your bank account. The named bank will stamp the check indicating the reason that the check was not honored. 2. Mail a demand for payment letter (written notice) to the check writer at the address listed on the check. This must be done by certified or registered mail with return receipt requested or by 1st class mail. If mailing 1st class mail, an Affidavit of Service must be completed and returned to our office. Always retain a copy of the letter for your records. You may obtain a A Sample Letter from the County Attorney's Office. 3. File a complaint with the County Attorney's Office. Furnish the following documents: - Original check - Certified or registered mail receipt or Affidavit of Service for 1st class mail - Completed and accurate affidavit (blank affidavits may be obtained from the County Attorney's Office) 4. DO NOT accept payment from the check writer after filing the complaint. Once the complaint has been filed with the County Attorney's Office, the matter is under the jurisdiction of the Courts. Direct the check writer to contact the County Attorney's Office, Check Division. If payment is mailed to you after the check is filed, forward the entire payment to the County Attorney's Office.
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