Burn Ban Status
A Burn Ban is not in effect at this time
Effective: Sep 20, 2013
Jury Information
Jury Hotline - (817) 558-1982
Justice of the Peace Precinct#4
Monday, Sep 29, 2014
Guinn Justice Center (This pertains to Pool Members only, NOT Panel Members whom were assigned to the 413th District Court) Pool#0010140903
Monday, Sep 22, 2014
County Attorney Case Search
Online Jury Check In
Tax Rate Information
Employee Links
OWA Email
Employee Intranet
Crime is Investigated
It is the duty and the responsibility of the law enforcement agency to conduct a comprehensive investigation of each crime that is reported to them. This investigation may include interviewing and obtaining written statements from victims and witnesses, collecting physical evidence, photographing the victim and/or the crime scene, identifying suspects through photo line-ups, and interviewing and obtaining written statements from suspects.
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