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Welcome to the Court Section
All cases heard by the County Court At Law No. 1 and County Court At Law No. 2 originate with the County Clerk – Court Section. The role of the Court Section is to accept the initial filing of cases, record all instruments filed in each case, make them available to the court as required, and to inform the parties of important actions in the case by issuing appropriate processes.

For overnight or next day delivery of documents to be filed in court cases only send to:

Johnson County Clerk - Court Section
Guinn Justice Center - Suite 407
204 S. Buffalo Ave.
Cleburne, Texas 76033

The County Courts At Law have jurisdiction over the following types of cases:

Criminal Division - Misdemeanors and Traffic Appeals

Civil Division - Civil Cases; Family Law Cases; Probate Cases and Juvenile Cases. New Office of Court Administration Reporting requirements necessitate that prescribed cover sheets be submitted with each new petition or application. Required cover sheets are available online for each specific case type.

Effective May 19, 2014, civil court documents may be filed electronically thruough

Effective January 1, 2015, by order of the Texas Supreme Court all civil court documents must be filed electronically.  Prose ligitgants may continue to file in person or by mail.

New Fees become effective September 1, 2015 

Commissioner Court Minutes are also maintained in the Court Section.

Commissioners Court Minutes
The County Clerk maintains all minutes, orders, oaths and official bonds from the Commissioners Court. They are indexed and scanned for official keeping of the records.... Read More
Probate & Guardianship Cases
Johnson County Courts At Law have jurisdiction in probate matters and matters involving guardianship of incapacitated persons and minors. Probate and guardianship cases deal with protecting the wishes, right, and obligations of person regarding their property when these persons are... Read More
Family Law
The County Courts At Law of Johnson County, by special legislature, have jurisdiction over cases involving family matters, including suits seeking dissolution of a marriage, adoptions, and suits affecting the parent-child relationship. Procedure for initial filing: The initiation of a... Read More
Civil Cases
Civil cases deal with disputes between private parties. By definition it is a “personal action instituted to compel payment or the doing of some other thing which is purely civil.” In a civil case the purpose of the ‘Plaintiff’ or... Read More
Misdemeanor Cases & Traffic Appeals
Misdemeanors              The clerk's duties in criminal cases include the filing of cases as presented by the County Attorney, issuing processes as directed by the state or the defendant, maintaining the court's files, collecting costs and fines, arranging for commitments... Read More
Eminent Domain Cases
 In Johnson County all ‘Eminent Domain' cases are filed with the County Clerk and are heard by a board of special commissioners appointed by the presiding judge of the court in which the case is filed.  Once the application is... Read More
Adoption Cases
Pursuant to Family Code Sec. 102.013(b) ,in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship which requests the adoption of a child, the clerk shall file the suit and all the papers relating to the suit in a new file having a... Read More
Juvenile Cases
... Read More
Mental & Substance Dependency Commitment Cases
Closed to public inspection pursuant to Health & Safety Code Sec. 571.015... Read More
Registry of Court and Custodial Accounts
 Registry of Court and Custodial Accounts             Certain funds may be ordered by the courts to be deposited into the Registry of the Court account or into separate or interest bearing accounts.  The County Clerk acts only in a custodial... Read More