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Eminent Domain Cases

 In Johnson County all ‘Eminent Domain' cases are filed with the County Clerk and are heard by a board of special commissioners appointed by the presiding judge of the court in which the case is filed.  Once the application is filed and the fees paid, the condemning party must contact the appropriate Civil Court Coordinator to get the board appointed and set a hearing date.  Cases are assigned to a specific court on a rotating basis.  New Office of Court Administration reporting requirements necessitate that prescribed case cover sheets be submitted with each new application or petition.   Forms available for downloading at the bottom of this page.

After the special commission rules any party not satisfied with the award may file an ‘Objection' to the award.  Upon filing of the ‘Objection' the case will then be heard by the presiding judge for that court.


 Application (pd. by the condemning party)

$     222.00

 Objection to Award (pd. by objecting party)

$       70.00

 If process is requested to be issued or service performed fees are due as in any other civil case.

                 All fees are due and payable at time of service.  Personal checks are not  accepted.  Attorney's business checks are accepted.  Visa and Master Card credit cards accepted.   

 For information concerning the status or disposition of specific cases, please call (817)556-6323 Ext 1311 or (817)556-6323 Ext 1314.  Copies and/or name searches may be obtained by calling (817)556-6323 Ext 16.

Data Required for Investment of Funds
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