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The Johnson County Law Library is a basic research facility open to the Legal Community and to the general public.

The Law Librarian cannot give guidance in filling out forms, give interpretation of forms, answer ANY legal questions, or give legal advice.

Internet Access
Westlaw Services - The library now provides Westlaw Patron Access available to the Legal Community and to the general public.

Lexis Nexis/Matthew Bender/Shepards – The library provides online access to Lexis Nexis that is available to the Legal Community and to the general public.

Copies - All photocopies are $0.20 per copy. All copies must be paid before you leave the library.

Diskette – In order to save information to a disk; the disk must be purchased through the Law Library. Outside disks may not be used to save information. Each disk purchased through the Law Library is $2.00.

Check Out Policy
The Law Library no longer checks out books, all resources must be used in the library.
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How To Do Your Own Divorce
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How To Win in Small Claims Court in Texas
The Landlords Legal Guide in Texas
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