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Burial-Transit Permit
If the urgent need for a Burial-Transit Permit arises which cannot wait until regular business hours, please contact us at one of the emergency numbers listed below.  Keep in mind that we cannot issue a permit until the Certificate of Death, completed in so far as possible, has been presented, the cause of death is natural and the permit is for the purpose of burial. We cannot issue a Burial-Transit Permit for the purpose of cremation outside normal business hours.

Please be sure to have the Certificate of Death with all of the information relating to the deceased, such as name, date of death, place of death, and funeral director's information complete and ready to present either by fax or in person.  If an incomplete certificate is used to request the permit, we may wish to confirm that the body is not longer needed by the certifier before issuing the permit in order to assure that a completed death certificate will be received.

Emergency Contact for Burial-Transit Permit outside normal business hours  (817) 487-7935 or (254) 988-0753.  Our area funeral homes will also have our emergency contact information.

Office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00PM Mon-Fri. 
Johnson County Clerk-Vitals
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817-202-4000 x 1633 phone
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