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Deed/Land Records

Deed Record Room located at Historic Courthouse in Cleburne (817-202-4000 x 1625). Public access computers available for research/copies at Cleburne and Burleson sub-courthouse.  Recording accepted at Cleburne only.

Copies - $1/page, $5.00 for Certification plus $1.00 per page, $3.00 fax fee (in addition to copy fee).  Fax limit 50 pages.

If requesting copies by mail, please enclose a cashier's check, money order or business check (no personal checks) payable to Johnson County Clerk.

Regular Mail Address:
Johnson County Clerk
PO Box 1986
Cleburne TX 76033

Overnight Mail Address:
Johnson County Clerk
2 N Main St Room 131
Cleburne TX  76033

Please include the following information if you are requesting copies of Deed Records: 

  • 1. Type of document
  • 2. Full name of Grantor
  • 3. Full name of Grantee
  • 4. Approximate recording date
  • 5. Legal description of property
  • 6. Volume and page or Instrument Number (if known)
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