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Plat Records

Effective 1/1/14 - Filing Fees 18"x24" - $46.00; 24"x36" - $71.00; each additional page $25.00.  Plat copies $1-$5 (depending on size); Certified Stamp $5.00.

Required for recording-original tax certificate from each taxing unit with jurisdiction of the real property indicating that no delinquent ad valorem taxes are owed on the real property.

If the plat, replat, or amended plat or replat is filed after September 1 of a year, it must also have attached to it a tax receipt issued by the collector for each taxing unit with jurisdiction of the property indicating that the taxes imposed by the taxing unit for the current year has been paid.

Plats are recorded at the Historic Courthouse 2 N Main St. Rm. B15 (South hallway at basement level) Cleburne TX 76033 (817-202-4000 x 1625). 

All fees are due and payable at time of service.

•Personal checks are not accepted.

•Business checks are accepted with company information on check.

•Credit cards are accepted with a small fee.