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Johnson County maintains the 9-1-1 address database utilized by NCTCOG, Superion/SunGard software and several other entities. The 9-1-1 Address Coordinator is responsible for assigning and maintaining accurate addresses and street centerline ranges in order for first responders to arrive at the location of an emergency as quickly as possible.


Johnson County 9-1-1 Addressing Policy and Procedure

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Addressing Process

1. Submit an online application using the Online 9-1-1 Address Request Form or apply in-person at:

Johnson County Public Works

2 N. Mill St, Suite 305

Cleburne, TX 76033

 2. Your application will be reviewed for permitting purposes then forwarded to the Address Coordinator for address assignment.

3. The Address Coordinator will contact you within 1-2 business days with your assigned address and a Permits Clerk will submit the paperwork for permitting as necessary. Once your address number has been assigned, we ask that you post your address according to the policy:

  • If the structure is visible from the road, display address number on the structure in a way that is clearly visible from the road.
  • If the structure is not visible from the road, display address number where the corresponding driveway intersects the named road.
  • Where there is more than one addressed structure sharing a driveway, each structure's address should be displayed on each structure with signage that is visible from the roadway as well.
  • All new buildings under construction that have been issued an address should display that address number.

For Developers/Subdivisions:

  1. Street name(s) must be submitted to the 9-1-1 Address Coordinator for approval prior to finalization of a plat according to the Addressing Policy.
  2. Once the final plat has been approved, it may be submitted to the 9-1-1 Address Coordinator for pre-addressing. Pre-addressing consists of assigning individual address numbers to lots. Corner lots will be pre-assigned two separate addresses until development begins and the structure is known to face a particular street.
  3. The 9-1-1 Address Coordinator will add the pre-addressed lots to the 9-1-1 map once development begins. *It is the developer's responsibility to report development to 9-1-1 Address Coordinator*
  4. Turn-around time is typically 1-5 business days depending on the size of the plat and information received.