Constable Fees

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2018 Fee Schedule

Certiorari $85.00
Citations $85.00
Citations by Posting $85.00
Citations by Publication $85.00
Guardianship Application $85.00
Injunction $85.00
Precept $85.00
Protective Order $85.00
Restraining Order (includes Temporary) $85.00
Scire Facias $85.00
Show Cause $85.00
Subpoenas $85.00
Summons $85.00
Notices - All Other - Not Otherwise Listed $85.00
Writ of Attachment $175.00
Writ of Commitment $175.00
Writ of Execution $195.00
Writ of Garnishment $175.00
Writ of Habeas Corpus $175.00
Writ of Sequestration $175.00
Writ of Possession (Eviction) $195.00
Writ of Possession (Non-Eviction) $175.00
Writ of Re-entry $175.00
Writ of Restoration of Utility Service $175.00
Order of Retrieval $175.00
Writ/Order, All Other Not Otherwise Listed $175.00
Writ/Order, Tax Warrant, per deputy/per hr, after 2 hrs $65.00
Capias $175.00
Distress Warrant $175.00
Order of Sale $175.00
Turn Over Order $175.00
Writs/Orders - All Other - Not Otherwise Listed $175.00
Taking and Approving Bonds $40.00
Postage - Certified or Registered $15.00
Copies on paper - per page $0.10
Copies on CD $1.00
Copies on DVD $3.00
Asset Search and/or Background Search $15.00
Out of State Affidavit of Service $25.00
Fingerprint $15.00
Mug Shot (new photo) $5.00
Office Storage per day $10.00
Facility Storage per day (regular sized items) $20.00
Facility Storage per day (Oversized Items) $30.00
Bailiff Fee - For Bailiff Services rendered by a deputy constable or reserve deputy constable; deputy sheriff or reserve deputy sheriff, the constable or sheriff shall receive a one-time fee in every civil case in each Distric, County and Justice of the Peace Court. $20.00
Sale Posting (each) $50.00
Sale Publication (includes review) $50.00
Disbursement of monies collected with or without a sale. $25.00
Deed or Bill of Sale (each) $40.00
Deed or Bill of Sale (each) Filed w/County Clerk $50.00
Sale - Sold or Cancelled $400.00
Resale - Sold or Cancelled $200.00
Tax Warrant $400.00