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Special Needs Awareness Program


The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is now offering a voluntary service to any person with a mental health or medical disability who resides in Johnson County. The Special Needs Awareness program is designed to give special instructions to Peace Officers when arriving at a home of someone, or has made contact with someone who has a disability or special need. The voluntary information given to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is intended for Law Enforcement use only, and is used to convey information beneficial for the safety of the disabled person and responding officers and to prevent misunderstandings that may occur when dealing with a person who has a mental health or medical disability. This program can make a huge difference in the interactions we have with the citizens of our county and help further the protection of everyone.

There is no requirement to become a part of this program.

This information is shared voluntarily by the caretaker, parent or guardian of the person who has a mental health or medical disability and is used ONLY to better instruct the Peace Officer when having contact with the person in question. With permission this information can also be shared with EMT’s and Fire Departments.

What do I do to sign up?

First download and print the SNAP Application, or pick one up from the Sheriff’s Office at

1102 E. Kilpatrick Ave. Cleburne TX 76031

Fill out the  completely and attach a recent photo that clearly shows the person with the disability

Next turn in the form and photo by emailing it to Sheriff@johnsoncountytx.org

or mail to

1102 E Kilpatrick Ave. Cleburne TX 76031 and mark att: S.N.A.P

What happens next?

The information and photo provided will be entered into our records management system. When a call for service is placed to the residence provided, the name of the subject is used or the Vehicles Plate number is run, an alert will be given to dispatch notifying them of a person with special needs may be involved in the call. The picture and information will be provided to the Deputy so they are made aware of the subject and any special instructions on how to interact with that person.

We hope this program will better help the citizens of our county and help improve our interactions with those who have special needs.

If you would like more information about this program please contact

Deputy Aaron Pitts

817-556-6058 ext. 3541

SNAP Application