Guinn Justice Center

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The Guinn Justice Center is headed up by a sergeant who oversees the law enforcement operations. There are a total of twelve Sheriff’s Office personnel assigned to the courthouse as follows; 2 supervisors, 5 court personnel, and 5 security personnel. The personnel assigned to the Guinn Justice Center are all sworn personnel who perform a variety of duties to include court bailiff services, oversee courthouse security, inmate movement and holding, and maintaining an operations center.

The personnel assigned as bailiffs to the 18th, 249th, and 413th District Courts, as well as the County Court of Law 1 and County Court of Law 2. The bailiffs work not only for the Sheriff’s Office but also at the direction of the courts where they are assigned. The bailiffs are responsible for the security in the courtroom and maintaining order.

The personnel assigned to security are responsible for controlling entry into the Guinn Justice Center, performing patrol duties, providing bailiff services for additional courts, and responding to incidents that occur at the facility. Security personnel also assist in the movement and processing of in-mates, which includes coordinating transportation with LaSalle.

The personnel assigned to the operations center monitor numerous cameras, log activity, monitor inmate activity, and control access to secure areas. The personnel assigned to the operations center also monitor and serve as the primary communications center at the Guinn Justice Center.