Criminal Investigations Division

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The Criminal Investigations Division, also referred to as CID, is comprised of 15 sworn personnel and 2 civilians. Criminal Investigations is responsible for the investigation of a variety of criminal offenses that range from criminal mischief to homicide. The investigator is assigned a report generated by the Uniformed Patrol Division and is responsible for the investigation of that case until its conclusion.

In addition, there are two investigators assigned to the STOP Special Crimes Task Force. The Criminal Investigations Division is unique in that the investigators are assigned to work specialized investigations that are divided into units; Crimes Against Children, Property Crimes, Persons Crimes, Environmental Crimes, Juvenile Crimes, Sex Offender Compliance, Financial Crimes, and Special Crimes.

This differs from general investigation assignments, which allows the investigator to become specialized in working within that group. However, all investigators are cross trained so that they have the ability to investigate any crime that they may be assigned. The investigators attend specialized training that assists them in working investigations, and these classes range from new investigators school to specialized certifications such as hypnosis.

All the case reports generated by the Criminal Investigators are submitted to the CID Secretary who prepares the cases for submission to the prosecutors. The case report includes all documentation, digital evidence, and all other required information that is required for the judicial process. CID also has a sworn and civilian employee assigned to the property/evidence/vehicle maintenance section that is responsible for managing the property rooms and fleet management. This section electronically and physically manages thousands of items that are logged into the property room to keep it secure and ready to present as evidence or to dispose of property by court order. The fleet management entails monitoring fleet activity in regards to repairs, replacement, installation of equipment, and performing minor vehicle repairs.