Corrections Division

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Johnson County Corrections
1800 Ridgemar Dr.
Cleburne, Texas 76031




Jail Division

The Jail Division’s Mission is to build a strong, united, professional team dedicated to serving the citizens of Johnson County by providing a safe, secure, and constitutional detention facility in the most respectful, professional, and fiscally responsible manner with the resources provided.

Johnson County entered into a contract with LaSalle Southwest Corrections, a private management company to operate the Johnson County Jail.

Sheriff King is in charge of the jail and its operations and the Warden oversees the daily operations. The jail operates under the direction of Warden Eddie Williams and Assistant Warden Jimmy Johnson. Warden Williams is appointed with Sheriff Alford and works at the direction of the Sheriff. Captain David Blankenship is the liaison between the Sheriff's Office and the LaSalle Southwest Corrections.

The Correctional Facility has a Chief of Security, Major Judith Bennett. There are four Lieutenants, as well as four Sergeants to supervise each shift. Detention Officers work under the supervision of the Shift supervisors which include officers that man the Pods, Support Section and Transport Section.

The Johnson County Correctional Facility has been expanded three times under this administration starting with 311 beds. In 2000, another 176 were added. In 2006, an additional 288 were made available for a total of 775. In 2010, another 96 beds were added bringing the total beds to 871. In the near future, a fourth expansion will be added totaling a holding capacity of more than 1,000 beds.

LaSalle’s Correctional staff ensures a high standard of safety and security for the community, Detention Officers and inmates. The Staff of the Johnson County Correctional Facility provide programs that are available to every inmate. This encourages and fosters self-respect and dignity. Every measure will be taken to ensure each inmate of the Correctional Facility receives fair and humane care in a safe environment.

Sheriff Adam King is responsible for the safe operation and security of the Johnson County Correctional Facility, whereas the LaSalle’s Correctional Staff is committed to the preservation of the basic human rights and dignity of the inmate population, as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States and the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.


warrant-2 Warrants

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Warrants department oversees the duties within this Division. They are responsible for serving criminal warrants, temporary protection orders, and answering calls for service as well as maintains and executes criminal arrest warrants. This division is relied upon to have these records readily available for warrant confirmations, executions and court recalls by processing and entering documents into the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Warrant database, as well as the Texas and National Crime information Centers (TCIC/NCIC) – 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.



Texas Dept. of Corrections Coordinators (TDC)

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office TDC Department oversees the duties within this Division. They are responsible for processing the sentencing information received from all Johnson County Courts.  They also answer citizen phone calls regarding the status of inmates.





file foldersJail Records

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Records Department oversees the duties within this Division. They are responsible for maintaining the records of inmates, which involves filing and retrieving information as needed. They verify charges and update inmate data.  Assist other factions of law enforcement when requested within the county as well as others. Files are maintained and safeguarded, purged paperwork is safely destroyed and jail reports are ran on an ongoing basis with the information used locally and statewide.  Upon request, they will provide proof of arrest and charges for former inmates.



The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Commissary Department oversees the duties within the Commissary Division. Lone Star Commissary is the jail's contract commissary service provider for our incarcerated individuals. An inmate may receive funds to be placed on their inmate trust fund account. The inmate trust fund account can be used for commissary purchases or pre-paid phone cards. Cash, debit, and/or credit cards may be used at the GTL  kiosk in the main lobby. Debit and/or credit cards may also be used online at: Our Site ID# 99.   Contact GTL customer service at (888)-988-4768 for questions or telephone deposits.

There are two (2) funding options available to family members/friends of the incarcerated individuals.

  • Pre-Paid Phone Accounts - Family members/friends may set up a pre-paid account for incarcerated individuals.  This option is especially effective if you wish to receive calls on your cell phone or your local telephone service provider does not accept collect calls.  This type of account can be set up by telephone at  (888)-988-4768  or online at website
  • Lobby Kiosk –Family members/friends may deposit funds into the account of incarcerated individuals using the kiosk located in the lobby of the jail facility in Cleburne, TX.  This kiosk accepts cash, credit cards and debit cards.  It is accessible to the public 24 hours a day. 



The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Bonding Department is an integral part of the Inmate Processing Unit. All releasing documents are reviewed for accuracy and processed by the Bonding office prior to an inmate’s release. These documents include, but are not limited to, Fine’s Paid , Cash Bonds, Surety Bonds, Personal Bonds, Orders to Dismiss, Judgment & Sentences, and Commitments received from all Courts in Johnson County, Federal Courts, and when applicable, courts throughout the United States. They answer citizen phone calls regarding the status of inmates as well as responding to internal inquires. They also answer questions regarding inmate charges, availability for release including the amount of bond required, or if sentenced, and the anticipated release date.