School Resource Officers

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The School Resource Officer (SRO) and ASAP (Absent Student Assistance Program) have personnel assigned to school districts throughout Johnson County. There are eight sworn deputies assigned to this program and they are assigned as follows; 2 Cleburne ISD, 1 Burleson ISD, 1 Godley ISD, and 1 Alvarado ISD.

These deputies’ primary responsibilities are to interact as law enforcement within the affected school districts to provide a safe and secure learning environment. These SROs PROVIDE A SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT FOR THE STUDENT AND A SAFE TEACHING ENVIRONMENT FOR THE TEACHER. The SROs investigate criminal activity within the schools; assist with the enforcement of school regulations, present various instructions in law related areas. They also counsel with student and parents, mediate disputes between students and mentor students when asked.

The SROs are assigned to work within the school setting and to serve as a liaison between the district, the school administration, students, parents, court system, juvenile services, and other entities as required. The SRO has daily interaction with students and serves to mentor students and to foster positive relations. The SRO does perform law enforcement duties on the campuses and in 2014 generated over a 100 criminal offenses that occurred within the school setting. The offenses reported range from possession of tobacco products and more serious offenses such as sexual assault.

The ASAP Deputy works more at the district level of the school system and focuses more on truancy issues. The focus of the ASAP deputy is to get students to attend school and to address issues that may be preventing the absent student from attending school. The ASAP deputy works closely with the district attendance clerks and collect information, which allows the ASAP deputy to conduct home visits. The ASAP deputy also does residence verification's, drop out assessments, and often represents the district in court to address truancy issues.