Specialized Units

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Sheriff King Badge 

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office has several specialized units to assist in responding to incidents and events that may require specialized training, equipment, manpower and resources that the typical law enforcement response may not require. The specialized units that the Johnson County Sheriff's Office utilizes are as follows: Emergency Response Team, Honor Guard, Mounted Patrol, Traffic & Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and Tri-County Auto Theft Task Force. 

The deputies on each of these specialized units are assigned primarily to a full time position such as the patrol division, detention division, criminal investigations division, etc. and rotate with that primary division's schedule. They are on call for the specialized unit and are called out or scheduled as needed for special events or incidents.

The deputies assigned to the specialized units initially go through an extensive selection process to ensure suitability for the special units. Once selected for a specialized unit, these officers must then go through vigorous, specialized training to be prepared to respond as needed for often high risk situations.