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The Warrants/Transport unit are headed up by one Sergeant. The unit has seven personnel assigned as follows; 1 Supervisor, 1 Warrants Deputy, and 5 assigned to primary transport duties. This units’ personnel are all fully certified Peace Officers, and are cross trained to perform all duties assigned to the unit. This includes providing assistance to all divisions within the Sheriff's Office. 

The primary warrants deputy monitors and does “work ups” on all warrants, and coordinates the response of Sheriff’s Office personnel. This may include personnel from Uniformed Patrol, Criminal Investigations, or a specialized Emergency Response Team (ERT) on “high risk” warrants. The warrants deputy generates the Johnson County 10 Most Wanted, which is updated and published several times throughout the year.

The Transport Deputies assist in the transportation of both juvenile and adult offenders to comply with the needs of the court system, juvenile services, and correctional operations. The transport deputies coordinate the transportation of inmates with a multitude of agencies throughout the State of Texas and other states.