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What’s The Difference Between Community Supervision And Probation?
There is no difference, both are the same. Either term is acceptable and interchangeable.
I Have Court Ordered Fees. How Do I Get Them Paid?
Fines and court costsare paid at the County Clerk’s office for misdemeanor cases and District Clerk’s office for Felonies. These offices are both located in Guinn Justice Center. If they weren’t paid on your court date, then you were asked to sign an Extension Payment Agreement outlining the amount and date of your payments and address where to send. If you have not been provided this information, please let your officer know.

Supervision fees, also known as probation fees, are due by the 10th of each month, and payable by cash , money order, and credit card at the Chambers St. probation office. You can also pay online.

Other fees, such as Court appointed attorney fees and/or restitution, will be explained to you by your CSO.
Will I Be Alcohol/Drug Tested At Every Office Visit?
If it is a condition of your probation, you should be prepared to test when you report for your office visit. Urinalysis tests can be random or court ordered.The basic cost of a drug test is $12 and should be paid at the time administered.
What Duties Will The Probation Officer Be Responsible For?
The Officer is there to monitor your compliance with the court ordered conditions and help you be successful in your probation. He/she does that by arranging appointments, supervising and documenting your progress as ordered by the Court. Home visits and providing community-based referrals such as substance abuse counseling, GED, Life Skills classes, Anger Management classes, and employment counseling are also part of this supervision.
How Often Do I Report For Office Visits?
Reporting may vary from case to case. Your officer will let you know how often you need to report. It’s important to report as scheduled, on time, with whatever documentation your officer requests.
Where Can I Work Community Service (CSR) Hours?
Our Courts have approved several non-profit agencies throughout the county that you can work your court ordered hours. We also have a departmental work site available during the week and weekend hours are available to accommodate different work schedules.The Community Service Orientation will provide you more information about working your hours and your officer will provide additional information at your first office visit.
I Have To Install A Monitoring Device On My Car. Where Do I Go?
There are several Interlock companies in the area and there is a list on the bottom of the order provided to you in court for you to choose. You need to make sure you have the installation done within the time specified on your order and be prepared to provide proof to your Probation Officer at your first visit. Please be aware that if you are ordered to have the ignition interlock as a term of your Probation, then you should only operate a vehicle equipped with an Interlock device. Specific questions related to family vehicles and work vehicles need to be addressed with your Probation officer.
What If I Want To Move From Johnson County Or Travel Somewhere?
For travel, you will need permission from your Probation Officer and will need to get that approval at least 24 hours in advance. If approved, your officer will give you a travel permit granting that permission. If out of state travel is approved by your officer, it must also be approved by the Court and receiving State which will require detailed itinerary and adequate time to process.

To move outside Johnson County, you must obtain permission from your officer PRIOR to the move. Some cases cannot be approved for change in residence, especially out of state.
Can I Bring My Children To Office Visits?
Even though this would be discouraged, it is allowed due to our understanding of the difficulty of arranging child care and we want you to be able to report as directed. Please keep in mind that no child should ever be unattended in our buildings and we would request a friend or family member be available to watch your children during your office visit. It should also be pointed out that we are also responsible for supervising registered sex offenders in many of our buildings.
What If I Can’t Keep Up With My Sanctions?
Notify your officer immediately if you cannot report, pay, or complete other court ordered conditions. Your officer may be able to request an Amended Order or assist you in making special arrangements to meet your needs. In the worst case scenario, a warrant might be issued for your arrest, more conditions might be added by the court, or your probation could be revoked which could cause you to be sent to jail.
Is It True I Can Get Off Probation Early If I Complete All My Sanctions And Don’t Re-Offend?
This is true for some offenses. There are also incentives available for individuals that follow the conditions of supervision each month. Your Probation Officer will discuss what is available for you at your office visit.
Can I Serve On A Jury?
Misdemeanor— Yes, except for theft
Misdemeanor—theft probations: No, if Criminal trial; Yes, if Civil trial when Deferred probation
Felony—deferred: No
Felony—regular: No
Discharged— Yes, however, any person on supervision for a felony DWI, Involuntary Manslaughter, Intoxication Manslaughter, or State Jail Felony offense, or Sexual offenses may never serve on a jury.
I Can Still Vote, Can’t I?
Misdemeanor- Yes
Felony-deferred: Yes
Felony—regular: No
Discharged: Yes, but you must register.
If I Have A Question About My Probation, Can I Contact The Judge Or Prosecutor?
While it’s your right to contact the Judge or Prosecutor, they will typically refer you back to the Probation Department for an answer to your question. The Probation Officer can answer the majority of your questions and can speak to the Court on your behalf if necessary.