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Victim Impact Panel (VIP)
Program by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) for alcohol offenders. This 2 hour program is typically offered the second Monday of each month and costs $30 (money order only).
Community Service Orientation
Informational meeting for court ordered community service. This 1 hour program is offered on the first and third Monday of each month and is free to defendants.
Life Skills
Program to encourage good decision making skills and coping techniques. This 12 week program is offered during the evening hours.
Anger Management Classes
Group instruction for better coping skills and anger managementfacilitated by Department Services for a fee and individual evaluation/counseling as needed at no cost to the probationer. The 12 week group program is offered once a week in the afternoons and individual counseling can be scheduled weekly. Persons who cannot attend or wish to complete the class in a timelier manner may enroll in community based programs at a cost of about $100.
In Home Alcohol Monitoring
In home breath alcohol testing system to monitor an offender's breath alcohol levels remotely, rather than requiring an on site test. The test also verifies the offender's location and identity at the time of testing.
Chaperone Education Program For Sex Offenders
Program to educate friends, family members of sex offenders. This program is a four hour program taught in 2 sessions and is free to defendants.
Scientifically proven continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring technology which measures alcohol through the skin. This program continuously monitors offender as often as every half hour around the clock.
Voice monitoring system to perform random, scheduled, and ad-hoc check-ins via telephone to ensure defendant is at authorized locations only.
Ignition Interlock
A sophisticated system that tests for alcohol on a driver’s breath. The device requires a vehicle operator to blow into a small handheld alcohol sensor unit that is attached to a vehicle’s dashboard and will not allow a vehicle to start based on the operator’s alcohol consumption. Our courts have zero tolerance for alcohol monitored by these devices and do not allow any alcohol usage while on probation.
DWI Education
12 hour program ordered for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) convictions. This course must be completed within 180 days of probation date and is required in order to regain driving privileges.
DWI Repeat Offender Education
32 hour program designed for multiple DWI offenders and/or others have alcohol/drug related problems. The program is designed to intervene in the alcohol and drug abusing lifestyle of the offenders and encourages entry into treatment when needed.
Substance Abuse Evaluation And Counseling
Referral program to community based organizations which offer out-patient drug and alcohol treatment and counseling based on individual evaluations.
Random Drug Testing Color System
Bond and Departmental call in system to randomly select an individual to test for drugs by assigning a color or group # for the day to report for urinalysis at the Main St. office. If you are assigned a color or group number, call 817-645-5596 after 5pm to listen to recorded message that indicates the color selected for the next business day.
Drug Offender Education
15 hour program for persons who have been charged with possession of drugs. The program is designed to increase the knowledge of drug offenders by educating them on the dangers of drug-use patterns and assist in reducing the probability of future drug use and illegal behavior.
Referral Agency
The CSCD also serves as a referral agency to local resources such as Adult Literacy Programs, GED, and Texas Workforce Commission, as well as other state and local resources.