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The town was called Venus after the modestly named daughter of a local doctor. The town founder, Mr. J.C. Smyth chose the name shortly after laying out the town site on what had be a cornfield. Venus received a post office in 1888 and according to the 1888 census the population was 10 people. 

Two railroads met at Venus and that turned the town into a beehive of activity. Thirteen businesses were reported in the mid 1890s. The railroads, or at lest one of them, continue to be a presence in Venus.

During the Great Depression, Dallas and Fort Worth drew off many Venetians and by the early 1940s there was only one business left in Venus and that was about to close. In a touching show of support, the townspeople chipped in to save the business (a drugstore) from closing and turning Venus into a ghost town. 


Venus Railroad Depot Early 1900s