Public Works Fees

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In response to recent events regarding COVID-19, Johnson County Public Works is CLOSED for in person business.

For your safety and ours, an effort is being made to limit face to face contact.  Phone calls can be directed to 817-556-6380 during normal business hours. 

All applications and requests can be made electronically by emailing and online payment options are available for permits. 

If submitting electronic applications, please send as PDF documents and not photos.



Permit Fees

 Conventional, ET Beds & LPD OSSF Permits $375.00
 Aerobic OSSF Permits  $475.00
 OSSF Re-inspection Fee  $200.00
 OSSF Failed Inspection Fee  $100.00
 Development Permits (Residential, Commercial & Gas Wells)  $200.00
 Development Accessory Building Permits  $100.00
 Subdivision Rules & Regulations Book  $10.00
 Junkyard/Wrecking/Salvage Yard  $25.00

Subdivision Fees

Final Plat, Re-Plat or Plat Revision also manufactured home rental community

1-5 lots in the subdivision (no roadways or drainage review)
 6-10 lots in the subdivision (no roadways or drainage review)  $450.00
 11 lots and up in subdivision (no roadways or drainage review)  $1000.00
 Subdivision with roads (Plus $30.00 for each lot over 10 lots)  $2000.00
 Cancellation of Subdivision  $300.00
 Abandon Road(s)  $300.00
 Variance Request (when not doing a re-plat)  $100.00
 Release of Easement (when not doing a re-plat)  $100.00



8.5" x 11
 $0.10 per page
 11" x 17"  $0.50 per page
 18" x 24"  $3.50 per page
 24" x 36"  $4.50 per page


Additional charges may apply; refer to:

1 Texas Administrative Code Section 70.1-.12/Public Information Handbook Effective June 1, 2014 (approved in Court 4/14/2014)