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Johnson County has 4 elected Constables who serve in 4 year terms.  Each Constable has their own Deputies and Clerks they employee to assist with their duties.  The precinct boundries are determined by population and are redefined every 10 years based on the Census results. 

Texas Constables and their deputies are an elite group of law enforcement that predates even the Texas Rangers.  They were written into the Texas Constitution of 1876 and remain as one of only a few Constitutional Officers of the State of Texas. They participate actively in criminal investigations and assist other law enforcement agencies.  Constables have more jurisdiction and authority than most other officers in Texas, including municipal police and the county Sheriff.


Constables specialize in the enforcement of Civil Law.  They play a vital role in enforcing judgments rendered in civil cases, such as evictions, divorces, child custody and property disputes.  They seize and sale personal property of defendants and apply the proceeds of those sales towards judgements awarded to plaintiffs. They also sale property seized for non-payment of taxes.  You can find a link to all Constable sales to the left of this page.


As with all elected county officials, the Constable works for the people and does not have any supervisor above them. They must work with the local Commissioners Court for their operational budgets and consult with the County Attorney for guidance and advice. Constables have ultimate authority over the operations of their agency, including the authority to hire and fire personnel and direct their daily activities.

To the left you will find helpful links to take you to the Constable’s Fee listing.  Also, you will find a link to search the status of a Johnson County Court paper/case.  If it is an out of county case, you will need to contact the individual precinct that is serving that paper for its status. The link to an individual Constable’s page is also listed to the left.