Animal Issues Committee

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Emergencies come in many forms and can occur at any moment. The best thing you can do for yourself and your pets / livestock is to be prepared. 

The Animal Issues Committee is a team of individuals with varied backgrounds, experience, skills, and interests that are generally related to the care and/or welfare of companion animals, livestock, or wildlife. The Animal Issues Committee serves as an advisement group to assist government authorities in their decision-making process associated with animal-related emergency and disaster situations.


Individuals include but are not limited to: animal control officer and personnel; veterinarian(s) from private practice, industry, government, public health, the military, and/or the local or regional TVMA organization; rescue organizations; veterinary technician(s) from local veterinary offices; animal humane association or organization representative(s); local equine and livestock associations; emergency management coordinator and personnel; elected official e.g., judge, commissioner, etc.; service animal organizations; animal association representatives (e.g., cattlemen’s, breeders, dairy, and exotic/alternative livestock groups to kennel clubs, horse clubs, and game bird fanciers); environmental representative; law enforcement representatives from Johnson County, and/or state (DPS), TPWD and/or NPS wildlife representative (e.g., fish and game wardens); volunteers interested in animal care and welfare (individuals and/or groups); and the public at large.

How To be Involved

If you would like to volunteer your time, facility, and/or equipment during a disaster situation involving displaced animals, please contact

Code of Ordinances

City code of ordinances regarding animals are listed below:

If you have any questions concerning animal regulations, contact your city's animal control. If your property is located outside of city limits, contact the Johnson County Sheriff's Office at 817-556-6058.


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